Frequently Asked Questions

Making the lightest air pump in the world has raised a few eyebrows, and a few questions. So check out our answers below.

Do I need "gorilla arms" to pump to the high pressures demanded by thin bike tires?

No. The iPump Micro and iPump Twist were designed with a small volume chamber, to facilitate pumping to high pressures. For pressures above 80 PSI, we recommend the iPump Twist with it easy grip handle. That allows you to get more leverage.

Can such a small pump really get you to 120 PSI?

Absolutely. The pump  is rated capacity is 150 PSI. And in our own testing, the parts are able to withstand much more than that.

How long does it take to pump up a tire that is completely empty?

It depends on the size of your tire, and how fast you pump, and the pressure you desire. A typical bike tire will take about 3 minutes, assuming you pump it once per second. Your mileage may vary.

Wow, that yellow hose is so small, will it break or puncture if I bend it?

Absolutely not. That yellow hose made of advanced polyurethane, and is virtually indestructible. Bend it, fold it, pull it, whatever. It will bounce back to its original shape. And it will still withstand the high pressures required to pump a bicycle racing tire. No other pump has anything like this hose.

Since it is made of carbon, will it shatter if I drop it?

No. It is designed to withstand every day shocks and drops, and then some. Don’t believe us, watch this VIDEO as we drop the iPump off a 4 story building.

How reliable is this pump?

The iPump design has been tested for thousands of hours by the development team, as well as road tested by many beta testers. All iPumps now undergo a strict underwater pressure test before being sold to the general public. We have also received plenty of feedback from early testers, and have continue to optimize the design.

Is any maintenance required for the iPump?

Yes. We recommend adding silicon based lubricant about once a year. Please don’t use regular oil.

Have more questions?

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