iPump Floor


  • Weighs 35 grams (1.2 Ounces)
  • Carbon fiber frame
  • Carbon fiber piston
  • Twistable head for easy grip
  • High compression microlight poly-urethane hose
  • High pressure stainless steel valve
  • Screw on Presta valve (1 gram Schrader adapter sold separately)
  • Pumps to 160 PSI (11 Bar)
  • Designed and manufactured in Japan
  • Dimensions: 270mm x 20mm
  • Available for purchase via Credit Card & PayPal.

Reach higher pressures with less effort!

The iPump Floor is the lightest floor air pump ever invented. The iPump Floor is constructed of a carbon fiber housing, providing the greatest possible air chamber capacity, while minimizing weight and maximizing strength.

The iPump Floor includes a high pressure polyurethane hose and a novel one touch clamp device for allowing quick attachment and release of the hose to the iPump.

The polyurethane hose can be easily stored inside the iPump’s carbon fiber tubing for convenience.

The iPump Floor further includes an anti-slip rubber cap at the bottom of the iPump to prevent accidental sliding while pumping.

The iPump Floor also includes a twist handle specifically crafted to perfectly and ergonomically fit in your hand for maximizing pumping performance.

The iPump Floor can be stored inside the bicycle frame by using a special spring designed for this purpose.

The iPump Floor allows you to easily reach 150 PSI or more.

Instructions for Use

  1. Pull yellow polyurethane hose completely out of the pump;
  2. Insert the end opposite the Presta connector into the quick release clamp at the bottom end of the iPump floor;
  3. Screw the Presta connector onto the Presta air valve;
  4. Twist the iPump Floor handle to the vertical position;
  5. Place the rubber part at the bottom end of the iPump on the ground; and
  6. Pump

To Reset the iPump Floor to the storage position:

  1. Press on the quick release button with your right hand finger and then pull on the yellow polyurethane hose with your left hand to remove it from the pump;
  2. Turn the handle back to its original vertical position; and
  3. insert the Polyurethane hose inside the iPump Floor.